The Falmouth Convention
  • 27 April to 12 May

    Extraction: Projection

    Framing The Penzance Convention and deepening exploration of the theme, The Exchange will present an exhibition of projected image work in the weeks leading up to the Convention, with support from LUMA Foundation. This exhibition is part of an eight-week programme of educational activities and artist-led events and discussions organised by The Exchange around the theme of extraction. Read more

  • Thursday 3 May

    Talk by José Roca: Exploration, Extraction and Market

    7.30pm, Thursday 3 May, free

    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance

    Guest curator José Roca talks about his screening programme Exploration, Extraction and Market for the Extraction: Projection exhibition at The Exchange, Monday 30 April to Saturday 5 May.

  • Friday 11 May

    Talk by Daniel Muzyczuk and Agnieszka Pindera: Sugar in the Air

    7.30pm, Friday 11 May, free

    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance

    Guest curators Daniel Muzyczuk and Agnieszka Pindera talk about their screening programme, Sugar in the Air, for the Extraction: Projection exhibition at The Exchange, Monday 7 to Saturday 12 May.

  • Thursday 17 May

    The Penzance Convention opens with a keynote address by social historian Iain Boal, delivered in the Methodist Church in Chapel Street, Penzance. All welcome.

    Keynote: Iain Boal

    Drawn from Nature: Extraction, Commodity, and Commons
    7.30pm, Thursday 17 May
    Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Penzance
    Free event, open to all

    ‘Extraction’ is close to the heart of capitalist modernity, and Cornwall is a microcosm of that history. The discovery of a mountain of silver in Virreinato del Perú was the prelude to a story, rehearsed across the planet, of conquest and enclosure, mass migration and language extinction, boom and bust, accumulated wealth and hard-scrabble survival. Read more

    Registration and bar at The Exchange

    5-7pm and 9-11pm, Thursday 17 May

    The Exchange will be open for registration before and after the keynote.

    Exploration, Extraction and Market

    9pm-12.30am, Thursday 17 May
    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance

    Screening of José Roca’s film selection for the Extraction: Projection exhibition

    Lecture on Nesting

    Performance by Andy and Peter Holden
    10.30pm, Thursday 17 May
    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance
    Free event, open to all

    Andy Holden’s work incorporates a wide variety of media and forms of presentation, from plaster, bronze and ceramic objects, to music, performance and large outdoor sculpture. Recent exhibitions include Pyramid Piece and Return of the Pyramid Piece for Art Now at Tate Britain and Chewy Cosmos Thingly Time at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge. Read more

  • Friday 18 May

    Friday field trips: each field trip offers different experiences and narratives in relation to the theme of extraction.

    Newlyn fish auction

    7am, Friday 18 May

    Early risers meet Nick Howell by the Seamen’s mission, round the back of the green painted newsagents shed and the War Memorial. In case of problems phone Nick Howell: 07809609545


    8.45-9.45am, Friday 18 May
    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance

    The Exchange will be open before the field trips for delegates who have not already registered.

    Field Trips

    9am – 5pm, Friday 18 May

    From 9am buses depart from Penzance Bus Station (in front of the train station). Buses return delegates to Penzance Bus Station (in front of the train station) by 5pm.

    Field trips led by Camborne School of Mines

    Experts from Camborne School of Mines will lead field trips exploring aspects of Cornwall’s mineral mining history and current mining aspirations, including rare opportunities to visit disused mine workings and to learn about state-of-the-art technologies of extraction.

    Read more

    The Invisibles – emanations and extractions from Hot Rocks

    Underlying the South West Peninsula is a great body, or batholith, of granite, that looms like Moby Dick from the deep.  It breaks the surface here and there, bringing topographic wonder and occasionally mineral wealth in the form of copper and tin and a host of other minerals such as lead, zinc, arsenic, silver and lesser amounts of tungsten, nickel and uranium. Read more

    The Story of NPK: Agriculture as Extraction

    Beginning with the sun’s eternally extravagant glare beating down on the hunter gatherer’s primeval forest, and concluding with computerised food production systems dependent on globally sourced synthetic inputs, The Story of NPK: Agriculture as Extraction with Paul Chaney and Kenna Hernly of FIELDCLUB offers ‘a mind-boggling agrosophical examination revealing the changing dynamic of extraction in agricultural techniques from prehistory until today.’ Read more

    Extracting Creativity, workshop with Andrew Lanyon

    Described by Andrew Lanyon as an exercise in ‘streaming and open cast as opposed to deep mining of the imagination’, this workshop grows out of his continuing experimentation with ways of accessing the imagination. Read more

    Newlyn Fishing Industry – Stories of Extraction

    For early risers this field trip starts at 7am with a visit to the fish auction at Newlyn, Penzance’s neighbour on Mounts Bay, followed by breakfast at the Fishermen’s Mission. Delegates who are going on to participate in other field trips are welcome to join this part of the tour, and those who just can’t get up for 7am can join the field trip after 9am. Read more

    Coast to coast

    For keen walkers this field trip offers a 10-mile walk from Gurnard’s Head to The Cornish Riviera via Love Lane and other places of interest, led by artist Billy Wynter and National Trust Countryside Manager and history enthusiast John Brookes. Read more

    Delegates Dinner

    6.30pm, Friday 18 May
    Refectory of Penwith College

    Dinner prepared by students on the catering course.

    Private View at Tate St Ives

    Evening, Friday 18 May

    8pm Buses depart from Penwith College after dinner to take delegates to Private View of the Alex Katz exhibition at Tate St Ives.

    9.30 and 10pm Buses depart from Tate St Ives to bring delegates back to Penzance.

    Convention bar

    Evening, Friday 18 May

    PZ Gallery, Coinagehall Street, Penzance

    Late bar at PZ Gallery for Convention delegates returning to Penzance.

    Hedluv + Passman

    Two Cornish rappers and a Casiotone
    10.30pm, Friday 18 May
    PZ Gallery, Coinagehall Street, Penzance
    Free event, open to all

    ‘The best thing to come out of Cornwall since tin’, Cornish rappers Hedluv + Passman bring new life to the Cornish vernacular with songs such as DrecklyRead more

  • Saturday 19 May


    9.30am – 6pm Saturday 19 May
    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance

    Conference presentations: field trip leaders’ reports and discussion of field trip experiences. Read more

    Food boxes from Untitled

    From 6.30pm, Saturday 19 May

    Takeaway food boxes of cassoulet and vegetarian risotto on sale at Untitled restaurant on Abbey Street from 6.30pm.

    Imbibe Drop-in / Networking evening

    7.30 – 10.30pm, Saturday 19 May
    CAZ, basement of The Exchange, New Street entrance opposite the Star Inn (ring buzzer for entry)

    Artist-led group Cornwall Autonomous Zone (CAZ) invites visitors to ‘imbibe’ a range of unusual beverages and soundscapes at this evening drop-in – an opportunity to talk to the artists who created CAZ and network with peers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

    Screenings at The Exchange

    7.30 – 10.30pm, Saturday 19 May

    Screening of films selected for the Extraction: Projection programme at The Exchange.

    Museums at Night

    8pm, Saturday 19 May – 8am, Sunday 20 May

    Newlyn Art Gallery’s contribution to the national Museums at Night celebrations includes extracting salt from sea water and the creation of an animation film. The Studio Café Bar will be open from 5pm until 12 midnight serving Margaritas and seafood.

    Convention bar

    6.30pm – midnight, Saturday 19 May

    PZ Gallery, Coinagehall Street, Penzance

    The bar at PZ Gallery will be open from the close of the conference at The Exchange and throughout the evening, screening silent archive films compiled by Awen Productions, with DJ set by Damnsonic Records.

  • Sunday 20 May


    9.30am – 1pm, Sunday 20 May
    The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance

    Presentations by artists and curators, reflecting on the processes by which artists draw meaning from history and site. Read more

    Visit to Tremenheere Gardens

    1.30 – 3.30pm, Sunday 20 May

    A bus will be available for speakers and delegates who would like to visit Neil Armstrong’s gardens at Tremenheere, two miles from Penzance, between the villages of Gulval and Ludgvan. Places on the bus are limited and will be allocated first to speakers and visitors from more distant locations, thereafter on a first-come-first-served basis. The bus will return to Penzance station at 3.30pm.


    1.00pm, Sunday 20 May

    Sandwich bags will be provided at the close of the conference.

  • Autumn 2012

    Extraction: Projection on tour

    Extending The Penzance Convention programme to outlying communities, selections of projected image work from the Extraction: Projection exhibition at The Exchange will tour to village halls in Cornwall in autumn 2012, in a scheme funded by FEAST in association with Electronic Village Galleries.

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